Thor Halvorssen Explains Bernie Sanders And His Political Stances

Thor Halvorssen makes sure that he makes appearances on TV and radio to explain his views on a lot of different issues. He talks about human rights around the world, and he talks to people in the news media when they want to know more about the things that he studies. The Human Rights Foundation is a place where he working on stopping the violations of people around the world, and he also uses his platform to talk about politics. Politics determine how people are going to be treated, and he wanted to explain why Bernie Sanders is not a communist.


Communism is a very extreme form of socialism that Thor Halvorssen discounted right away. He spent most of his time explaining how democratic socialism works, and he showed that it is a slight change from the kind of government that America has today. There are a lot of people who are so concerned about not living in a soviet state that they forget that democratic socialism is just another way to use the taxes that the government gets.


The government is going to spend most of its money on social programs that help people when it is running under this format, and that is what Bernie Sanders wants to do. That is why he is talking about free college and other programs that help people. Thor Halvorssen wants people to understand that Bernie Sanders just wants to use the money that the government gets in taxes to help people who are not getting any help in any other way.
The idea behind what Thor Halvorssen is talking about is working in countries in Scandinavia where some of this family is from. He knows that these governments work in places like Finland, and he wants America to give it a chance instead of just calling Bernie Sanders a communist. There is a very big difference between what Bernie Sanders wants to do and what was going on in the Soviet Union. People who do the research and watch his video can see that. Mr. Halvorssen just wants people to know what they are voting for. It changes the way he does his work.