How Did Wen By Chaz Stack Up When Tested By Bustle?

Wen was given a real test when it was checked on by, and they even got a girl with thin blonde hair to handle the test. The test was done in the writer’s bathroom, and she was very forthcoming about how hard it is for her to manage her hair. She sees her hair shed a lot, and she wanted the readers to know that it has been a struggle.

The struggle seemed to end when she tried this shampoo because it is the best out there to help people who have thin hair. Thin hair is a major problem for women because they are afraid a lot of it will fall out in the shower. They can get better results using WEN, and that is the test here. The writer just put the shampoo on her hair while she was taking pictures of the process, and she was just hoping for the best. Her hair sheds so much that she was not expecting it to be any different, but she got vastly different results. The results were remarkable.

The girl who did the test took pictures of her hair when she was done, and it looked amazing. She even took a picture of the shower to show that her hair was not shedding. That is the big selling point based on of this shampoo because it makes sure that women do not have to worry about their hair shedding any more. WEN shampoo was so effective that the writer wants to keep using it, and she even knows that she can save money because it takes very little of the shampoo to get the job done. She has won twice because her hair is not shedding and she is now saving money on hair care products.