Multi-Talented Eric Pulier Makes his Presence Felt in the Entrepreneurial World

Eric Pulier is certainly a man to pay attention to for inspiration on how to make a success of one’s life. In regards to government and enterprise technology, Pulier is included among the most successful of entrepreneurs. This man of many talents is also a published author, columnist, and public speaker as well as being the founder of more than fifteen companies. Internationally known venture capital groups have trusted their money to companies that Eric Pulier has founded or co-founded.

Digital Evolution, US Interactive, and ServiceMesh are just a few of the companies that Pulier is responsible for bringing into the world. He is a popular speaker at technology conferences world wide, and has been named by VAR Business as one of 30 e-Visionaries. Since receiving a B.A. degree and graduating Harvard University in 1988 Pulier has put his education to good use in the software and digital interactive industries. With his many interests, and strong drive to succeed coupled with a still young age it makes one wonder, where will he be when it’s time to retire?

As if all the above weren’t enough to keep him busy, Eric Pulier still finds time to be active in the lives of his four children. He serves on the board of The Painted Turtle, a summer camp where children with chronic illnesses can go “be like other kids” for awhile and forget that life isn’t always easy for them.

One more note-worthy item that should be mentioned is Pulier’s involvement with the XPRIZE Foundation which has the admirable mission of developing new ideas and technologies for the advancement of humankind. Through “incentivized competitions“, XPRIZE encourages companies and organizations to put on their thinking caps and help solve challenges people face in their world today. As busy as he is Pulier may never retire but if that should be the case it would only benefit the rest of the world.

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