Jason Hope Sees Self-driving Cars as Major Component of Internet of Things

Jason Hope is perhaps best known as the Arizona internet entrepreneur who founded premium content provider Jawa. After beating Apple to the premium content space by over 10 years, Jason Hope had established himself as one of the nation’s most forward-thinking young entrepreneurs.

Hope then went on to found a string of successful startups including SEO agencies, app development firms and internet and brand management consultancies. Today, Hope has taken to the internet to blog and write about all of the possibilities that will be unleashed by the coming technologies Incorporated in The Internet of Things.

One of the areas in which Hope sees great possibilities is with the coming advent of widespread self-driving vehicles. Hope sees this as being one of the potentially largest increases in productivity that humanity has ever seen. Not only will the dreaded daily commute be virtually eliminated for the vast majority of the United States Workforce, things like traffic accidents may well become a thing of the past. With the new technology, Hope opines, networks of self-driving cars will be able to drive nearly perfectly, avoiding all of the dangerous situations that routinely occur on American roadways that lead to traffic accidents and many yearly fatalities and what Jason knows.

Hope also sees the advent of self-driving vehicles as being a gigantic source of increased productivity within the logistics sector. Hope believes that long-haul trucking firms, within the next 10 to 15 years, will largely replace their existing fleets and all of their drivers. This will dramatically lower costs of all products within the United States.

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