How George Soros has worked with various Organizations to Improve the World

George Soros is a liberal individual who is internationally recognized for the support that he offers to people from marginalized communities. He is committed to making sure that there is equity in societies and has accomplished a lot through the Open Society Foundation, which is an institution that he founded in the 1970s. The billionaire has donated about $12 billion in the past three decades that he has been active in charity. Soros has benefited several individuals and organizations that strive to make sure that there is transparency, accountability, justice, and freedom of speech across the world. The Open Society Foundation has devoted a lot of resources towards supporting the Roma Community, which is a minority group in Europe. It has also fought for the rights of individuals who are despised in the community, and they include sex workers, LGBTI people, and drug addicts. Know more about George Soros on CNBC.

The billionaire owns a thriving company that is known as the Soros Fund Management. The firm provides hedge fund services, and it has made billions of dollars since it was established in 1970. Soros has strived to make positive changes in various areas that are ignored. The amount of money that he has donated is a significant portion of his total wealth. The Open Society Foundation is a broad organization that is made up different projects, groups, and partners that currently operate in more than 100 countries. The institution has been operational since 1979, and the first people that it supported were the black South Africans. It offered them scholarships to enroll in higher learning institutions abroad since the apartheid rule did not allow them to have a decent education. The operations of the George Soros’ foundation have helped many people across the globe.

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Soros is recognized for donating millions of dollars to fund the Ferguson protest. The Open Society Foundation collaborated with different civil and human rights organizations to make sure that the justice was served for Michael Brown. Brown was shot many times by a police man, Darren Wilson, even though he was unarmed. George Soros wanted to protests to lead to civil action against the officer and many other unfair officials. The crime scene changed into a very serious issue that dominated all types of media across the country.

The Open Society Foundation gave approximately $33 million to organizations and individuals who ensured the success of the Ferguson protest. It worked with various civil and human rights groups to mobilize people at the grassroots. According to Open Society Foundation’s director, all societies need to make sure that their governments are transparent, just, accountable, and involved them when making decisions. The groups that participated in organizing the protests wanted to ensure that the system was just and the officer was held accountable for his actions. Read more about George’s life story at