Why Sheldon Lavin deserved the global visionary award

OSI Group is arguably a force to reckon with when it comes to the food industry. Because of its high quality and amazingly nutritious food, it has managed to give nothing but the very best of products for big corporates like McDonalds and papa jones just to mention a couple. Apart from their solid, worldwide reputation, the OSI Group is also known to have leaders who are interested in giving back to the community. One of those leaders of OSI Group very own CEO, Sheldon Lavin.

Sheldon Lavin is a man who is dedicated in not only keeping the OSI Group afloat but thriving while they are at it. It is, therefore, an amazing thing for one to always emulate their dedication if they want to succeed in that line of business. To date, OSI Group has a net worth of well over 6.1 billion dollars which is basically among the top 60 most profitable privately owned food processing companies.

The 2016 global visionary award was awarded to Sheldon Lavin for always working hard to ensure that the OSI Global Company was providing nothing but the best food quality company not just in the America but the world over. The award always focuses on assigning hardworking individuals whose achievements are bound to inspire many generations to come. Sheldon Lavin got the honor on the academy’s fifth year.

Under his stewardship, the OSI Group has been responsible for winning quite some prestigious awards among them, management of health and safety risks awards as well as environmental management awards.

Before joining the successful OSI Group as CEO, Sheldon had a rather colorful career in the financial world. He is responsible for the billions of dollars that the company is worth today and for that, he deserved an award for that. In addition to that, ever since Sheldon Lavin took over as CEO of OSI Group, they have always taken on an upward trend.

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