Eric Pulier Has Spent His Life Helping The People Who Needed Help The Most

Eric Pulier simply looks too young to have made so many accomplishments. He came into the world in New Jersey and by the time he reached the fourth grade his intelligence had become obvious. He had already learned to program computers. When he completed high school, it was 1984 and he had created a database computer company. He went to Harvard and was the editor of the school newspaper in addition to writing articles for the paper. The topics he chose to write about were important and insightful. In 1991, he chased his dreams to Los Angeles, California.

XPrize represents one of the most revolutionary ideas Eric Pulier ever came up with. This company is about helping people achieve their potential with competitions and prizes. Akana is a company established in the 2000’s and their software was so high tech he was able to sell the business to Rogue Wave Software. Eric Pulier is also a philanthropist which is why the Painted Turtle came about. He wanted to help chronically ill children so he created a camp for them to attend. He has used not just his money but his time to make people’s lives better.

Eric Pulier continued efforts to help children and he secured social media platform for the kids. This was the basis for Starbright World and kids with medical needs could talk to one another so they felt less alone. Only a man of extraordinary compassion could have come up with this idea. In the 1990’s he worked with Bill Clinton so communities in need could use reasonably priced cloud computing. He developed a program so people suffering from multiple sclerosis could understand their condition.

Eric Pulier is also an author and he penned Understanding Enterprise SOA. This book explained SOA is an easy to understand yet insightful manner. Everything Eric Pulier has done reveals one simple fact. He cares about people, about their lives, about their welfare, and about their futures. He is an amazing source of help with the keen intelligence to devise the right programs at exactly the right times.

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