NuoDb takes cloud database computing to the next level

Almost every business today relies to some extent on the ability to analyze its customers and the trends in its markets. This has traditionally been facilitated through the use of relational databases, most of which have been manpower-intensive operations that also require large capital outlays for equipment and payroll costs.

The fact that many businesses were forced to hire information technology teams in order to build, maintain and operate their relational database systems meant that truly powerful analytics were oftentimes out of the reach of the small business owner in the United States. But this has all begun to change over the last few years.

New cloud database systems, such as NuoDB, have begun enabling small business owners to put the power of large-scale relational database systems into their own hands, radically transforming the level and power of intelligence that business owners everywhere have access to. NuoDB does not require the hiring of any specialist employees, nor does it require any additional infrastructure. It is a plug-and-play system.

Cloud database systems, such as NuoDB, allow the almost infinite scaling of any company’s information technology infrastructure, dramatically reducing costs and eliminating fixed costs altogether. These are just some of the tremendous advantages that NuoDB confers on its clients.