Securus Technologies: A Thriving Prison Technology Company Under the Fearless Leadership of CEO Rick Smith

Securus Technologies is a rapidly growing business that is in the field of what is called Inmate Management Technologies. This is a sector of business I had never heard of before learning about Securus but one that is absolutely necessary in a world that is increasingly becoming essential in a world that literally runs on technology. There are two components to what Securus Technologies offer. First, they offer an inmate calling service. This is what they are most known for. The inmate calling services gives those serving time in a prison or correctional facility the ability to make or receive calls to their loved ones and friends on the outside.This can be done with ease, as the inmate’s loved ones are able to simply go online and give their incarcerated loved one “credits” by paying with any major credit or debit card that goes into what they call an Inmate Debit account. This replaces the collect calling system. Securus’s technology is also revolutionary because it has the ability to let inmates make phone or video calls. There is also an email component to Securus’s offering.

As an added benefit, inmates who are provided with more frequent contact with their loved ones and the overall outside world often adjust better when they are eventually released.The second component of Securus’s offerings is more like a business to business model, although the “business” they are working with are prisons and correctional facilities. Securus Technologies works with over 2,200 correctional facilities across the United States and Canada. They offer technology systems that do things such as monitor for and control contraband cell phones inside of prisons. These contraband cell phones have the ability to do an incredible amount of damage by inmates to people on the outside and the control of them is absolutely critical. Among their many technology solutions is the “Cell Defender Technology” and Wireless Containment Solution that prevents contraband cell phones from being able to connect to WiFi networks.

Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, Texas with an additional satellite office in Atlanta, Georgia and has over 1,000 employees.These team members are led by Chief Executive Officer Rick Smith. Rick leads the company in providing these technology solutions that solve and preventing crime in the world that could have been committed by prison inmates that receive access to technology through either legal or contraband methods.Rick Smith joined the company in 2008 after an incredibly successful career in leading many major companies to success. Rick is known as an innovator in his field, consistently pushing his team to develop new technologies and expand upon the ones they currently have. He is a highly respected leader that has grown Securus from a new company in the inmate management technology field to one of the biggest competitors that the industry has ever seen.