Julia Jackson Working Towards Preserving the Old Traditions of Winemaking through Jackson Family Wines

Julia JacksonBeing the middle daughter of Jess Jackson, Julia Jackson, is taking the popularity of Jackson Family Wines to newer heights. Julia Jackson was born in San Francisco in 1988 and has spent her childhood at the several wineries of the Jackson Families. Since her family has been in the wine industry way along before she was born, she grew up learning about wineries and wine from her father. She earned her BA degree from Scripps College and also got a certificate in general management from the famous Stanford Graduate School of Business.Julia Jackson continues to work along with her mother and her siblings at the Jackson Family Wines that still uses the old winemaking techniques to create a delicious range of wines. They now have wineries all around the world from where they manufacture and sell some of the best wines known to man. Julia Jackson

As the spokesperson for their business, she insisted that the wines that they create are not for specific people or a specific region.All of their wines are timeless that are created using the traditional techniques that seem to be getting lost today. They must preserve it so that the next generation too can learn from it. Their most famous wine is Vérité that has been available in the US for two decades and has recently entered the UK market as well.For Julia Jackson, Jackson Family Wines has been her priority. But, she is also passionate about the things she believes in. She and Cambria Proprietor, Katherine started a non-profit organization with the name Seeds of Empowerment that empowers women. The organization offer support to various organizations around the world that are working towards the development of women in the society. They identify and empower women as they are the one who can bring a change in their community. Through their projects that are often at the grassroots levels, they want to strengthen the role that women play in the society today.