Focus On OSI Group’s Swift Global Expansion

OSI Industries has a lengthy history and plays a pivotal role in the global food industry. The group is involved in the production of impressive food products like chicken and beef, pizza, sandwiches and sauces. The group is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois and is headed by David McDonald as its president and Sheldon Lavin as the CEO. Its top leadership is dedicated to its work and have expedited the global expansion being felt at the company in the few past years.

China or Eastern Asia

OSI Group established its first ever facility in China back in 1992. The Beijing-based plant started supplying food to a number of quick-serve restaurants. During the Beijing Olympics, the group was tasked with supplying beef, chicken, pork, eggs and onions. The visitors during the Olympics were happy with the quality of food the group provided. This event saw the coming to fruit of expansion plans in Asia. In 2010, the group opened a beef plant in Japan known as the Orange Bay Foods (OBF). In the same year, OSI Group opened a poultry plant in China’s Shandong Province. The OSI Group built a huge processing plant in the Heitan province of China. It entered into a joint venture with Doyoo Group in 2012 but has since bought it out.


OSI Group is also present in South Asia, having entered into a deal with a respected India supplier, Vista Processed Foods in 1995. In 2012, the group launched a new plant that processed frozen vegetables. The Madanapalle and Punjab facilities supply frozen fresh vegetables to customers present in India as well as Middle East countries.

Eastern Europe

In 2012, OSI Group built a new plant inside Poland, which was meant to replace another that had started processing beef two decades prior. The new plant based in Ostroda supplies hamburgers to customers based in Sweden, Slovakia, Poland, Baltic States, Finland and Czech Republic. It was constructed at a cost of more than $30 million and produces 25,000 tons. Before the year ended, OSI expanded their chicken processing plant in Hungary at a cost of $25 million thereby boosting the production rate of the facility by 15,000 tons annually.

Notable Acquisitions

After venturing in southern Germany, the group purchased Flagship Europe in 2016. This added the group’s customers and widened its supply of a huge variety of foods. Later the company acquired Baho Foods with facilities in Germany and Netherlands. In March 2017, the group started another huge acquisition of HynekSchlachthof GmbH, a meat business facility in Germany. David McDonald promises more acquisitions and expansion plans for the OSI Group going forward.

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