Dr. Reddy Akhil: Wine Connoisseur and Stylish Dentist

The popularity of French wine comes from its rich scent and a lot of taste. However, the availability of good and affordable wine requires one to look to find the just the right kind. Not every inexpensive wine with a good name and an amazing taste falls under the $30. The type of grape and fermenting matters more than the price. More so, there is room for choice when it comes to French wine if one is looking for something inexpensive that is good and satisfying. There are several wines Dr. Akhil Reddy recommends that have a high profile taste and affordable. Finding wines that are comparable to the ones profiled here is by going for wines from voisinho or chenin blac. A bottle of Chateau d’Aiguilhe, Cotes de Bordeaux Castillon costs $18. It is a medium-bodied wine that has floral notes and Fruity flavor. Chateau Haut Bernasse le Clos Monbazillac goes for $9 and is a mixture of Semillon, Muscadelle, and Sauvignon giving it marmalade and honey flavors. La Vieille Ferme Touge, Cotes du Ventoux is a 2009 wine that costs $8. This fine wine gives you a slightly spicy taste and blackberry and raspberry as well. Lovers of wine can choose from the wines mentioned above.

Dressing Smart Under the White Coat

Working in a laboratory on in hospitals demands one to wear a white coat. Frustration comes in because one has to think about the white coat when choosing an outfit. The white coat is not a fashion statement, but that does not mean that one cannot dress fashionably. It is important to explore options that can help one maintain their style and still don the white coat. Doctors and people who work in laboratories can wear shirts and ties under the white coat and ooze professionalism. Dressing this way relays your style. Business casual is a variation of dress shirt outfit but now without a tie. You can add or skip a blazer and wear a shirt with a nice pair of pants. Business casual is simply versatile and comfortable. Dark jeans and collared shirt look very good under the white coat for a more relaxed workplace. Well-fitting jeans will be subtle enough to blend in the workplace. Add a pair of nice leather shoes, and when you implement this well, people will notice your style. You have to look good under the white coat

Dr. Reddy Akhil

Dr. Reddy Akhil is a dentist who is interested in finding and buying great wines and stylish dressing. He is the Director of Health 510. He has studies Biology and Dentistry from the University of the Pacific.