OSI Successfully Expands International Network

OSI Inc. is a well known food processing corporation based in Zurich, Illinois. Besides having all-natural food products which have provided a wholesome meal for your family since 1975, but also for the international expansion efforts. PRN Newswire spoke to their resilient CEO, and president Donald A. McDonald, who says, their international expansion has contributed to substantial monetary growth, created international, and nationwide employment, and given their stockholders confidence. Their CEO says, it is a matter of ensuring their food processing plant is providing food under the strict government guidelines to ensure the safety of the public.

In an effort to expand, they would like for their partnerships to mimic those of the United States, and Asia. Both of which, have been with OSI Inc. from the very beginning. They also celebrated a 20 year anniversary through a partnership with China. They have also successfully acquired the Flagship Europe corporation, and now operate their food processing line. OSI can say, they have contributed to the growth of the European business industry. The deal is worth an estimated $7 million dollars, and is expected to grow in the next annual quarter for both Europe, and OSI Inc.

OSI made a bid for a Tyson food facility, and was successful. The unspecified amount paid for the plant ensured hundreds of previous workers were able to retain their position. They will now process their condiments, frozen meat, and pie fillings from this plant. OSI Inc. is responsible for processing the top brands already being served at your local deli, supermarket, meat market, and food chain. Enjoy the top hot dog, sandwich filling, frozen poultry, and vegetables in the industry. The introduction of the organic food products has opened the door for other successful international partnerships.

They were one of the first food processing plants to respond to a stabilized food industry when their competitors weren’t. There meat is chosen 10 to 1 over their competitors. OSI believes in letting their customers, and partners know what is in their food products, and were they come from. They are committed to putting the freshest ingredients on the table to feed your family. Their interactive website has a detailed listing of all of their food contents, and were their meet comes from. They also have great international, and nationwide employment opportunities listed on their website. You’re invited to learn more about the superior OSI Inc. food processing plant today by visiting their website.

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