How Securus CEO Rick Smith Creates Technology That Solves Crimes

Rick Smith – CEO Of Securus

Rick Smith currently serves as the CEO of Securus, a Dallas-based company which created a platform that allows inmates to communicate. The technology makes prisons and staff members more secure while ensuring that inmates are allowed to communicate with their families. The company’s security measures exist by allowing inmate calls to be monitored through the use of their platform. This enables quicker responses to events that threaten the security of a prison facility.

Served In Current Role Since 2008

Rick has currently served in his current capacity since 2008. Because of his experience, it is well-known that Rick is and still remains the right person to take the company forward into the future. His leadership skills are designed to ensure that the company is able to move forward into the future by the impressive track record that Rick has brought to the company. Rick holds an MBA from the University of Rochester, as well as a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Engineering from the State University of New York at Buffalo.

Securus Technology Has Frequently Prevented Many Large-Scale Prison Security Events

In a few cases, Securus Technology has helped to identify a corrupt prison staff member who was then removed from their post. Call monitoring has also resulted in the apprehension of individuals involved in the sale and distribution of drugs, alcohol, and weapons within the facility. The reach of the technology extends beyond the prison, to the outside community as the technology is used to ensure that all activities remain contained within the walls of the prison – thereby preventing any additional criminal activity that would spill over to the community. Even parolees are able to feel safer knowing that potential criminal activity which could harm them is monitored.

Securus Extends Investigative Abilities of Prison Staff Members

This monitoring technology has further extended the investigative capability of the prison. Prison staff are able to quickly conduct investigations into matters such as contraband and other violations. In cases where there might be harassment involved, the call monitoring technology is able to ensure that these matters are promptly investigated. Securus further deters the introduction of contraband within prison facilities.