Jason Hope: Helping His Readers Take on Technology

Thinking back, it might be impossible to remember a time where consumers didn’t at least see a smartphone or device throughout their day. Many offices and educational facilities have started to rely heavily on growing technology. People can connect and learn in a variety of different ways due to the advances that are being made in these fields. The IoT technology is no different. Experts, such as Jason Hope, see the promise that lies in IoT and the massive growth that has already taken place within the industry. IoT is the next big technology wave of the future.

Jason Hope remains an influential expert in his field. He not only provides accurate predictions about the technology markets, but he steers his own businesses in positive directions on a consistent basis. He has proved his salt as a futurist repeatedly over the years. He attended Arizona State University where he honed his intuition, receiving a degree in Finance and an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Hope then started his first business in mobile communications; however, he has since branched out to biotechnology, investments, and various other philanthropic pursuits. He is truly a veteran, focused on the benefits of IoT.

Hope’s book is a wonderful source of information for anyone interested in learning more about IoTs. The book is called “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A Quick Guide for Thriving in the IoT Era” and can be purchased at Amazon.com for a very reasonable price. Within it, Hope talks about how to get the most out of IoT devices, IoT security, the drawbacks of IoT regulations, and the overall benefits that IoT’s will have for society.

According to Hope, the Internet of Things is a group of devices that are connected to one another, enabling communication. This connection can be done with GPS systems, cameras, computers, smartphones, and even automobiles. There is a rising number of devices released every year that are IoT capable. This is one of the reasons that Hope stresses the importance that consumers familiarize themselves with capable devices. While it is certainly true that individuals can go without these “smart” devices, more products are going to be made with these capabilities. Hope wants all his readers to get the most out of their products so that they can take part in the ease that they provide in life. Hope’s book is a helpful tool that everyone can use to help them as they take on the bold new world of technology.

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