How Lifeline Screening Can Help Everyone Get Motivated To Live A Healthier Life

Every year about 600,000 people in the United States die of cardiovascular disease. It is the most common cause of death among both men and women, as heart disease accounts for 25% of all deaths. Many of these deaths, as much as 20%, could have been prevented if people had made dietary changes or exercised more often.

One way of increasing your odds of living a longer, healthier life is to get a preventative health screening test performed. These tests can detect problems before any symptoms show up. They can also help prompt people to make healthy lifestyle changes. Cardiovascular disease is a silent killer in that for many people they don’t even know there’s an issue until it reaches a very serious stage. Even though a person feels fine if they have this disease there is damage being done to their body that they’re not aware of. Some aren’t aware until they have a heart attack which is usually fatal in nature. At that point it is too late to make the changes in their lives that could have been so beneficial to them.

Research into health screening tests, including those checking for cardiovascular disease, are an effective way to convince people to examine their diets and what they are doing. Even if everything checks out as being fine a lot of people still want to improve their health practices after getting a screening test performed. Basically, everyone that has a screening test can benefit from it in one way or the other.

Lifeline Screening recently took part in a survey that had 3,000 participants. Most of the participants were women over the age of 50. This particular group was split in two, ones that had a cardiovascular screening in the past and one that was comprised of those who had not. The goal of this experiment Lifeline Screening conducted was to see how motivation played a role in people making healthy lifestyle decisions. They were asked questions about their health and what their goals were in the future in regards to being healthy.

The results of this survey Lifeline Screening performed was that those who had chosen to be screened in the past for cardiovascular disease were much more likely to be making healthy choices. They had plans in place, as well, for how they were going to stay healthy. Curiously, it didn’t matter whether their screening had shown them at risk for cardiovascular disease or not in regards to their motivation.

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