Few Patients Ever Forget Dr. Rod J. Rohrich, M.D.; One of the Best Dallas TX Plastic Surgeons

Are you looking for the best Dallas-based plastic surgeon who can competently handle rhinoplasty, breast reconstruction, eyelid lift or any other such procedure? Rod J. Rohrich, M.D. is one of the best plastic surgeons in Dallas.An internationally known surgeon and educator in the field of plastic surgery, Dr. Rohrich is the kind of surgeon you want to ask all your plastic surgery related questions.

Dr. Rod Rohrich, M.D.

There are reasons Rod Rohrich, M.D. is Dallas residents’ preferred consultant and plastic surgeon. He is one of the best surgeons Dallas boasts of currently.He earned his medical degree at Baylor University College of Medicine, graduating with honors. The distinguished professor of plastic surgery received further training in pediatric surgery at the globally recognized Oxford University in England.Additionally, he completed a hand and micro-vascular fellowship at Harvard Medical School and more.

Associations and Leadership

Dr. Rod Rohrich, M.D. is a member of the American Association of Plastic Surgeons. Also, he has led the Texas Society of Plastic Surgeons as well as the Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeons as president.He was an able leader when he served the American Board of Plastic Surgery as a director. He is a member of many other associations. Allowing this surgeon to help you brings to the operation room a confidence-inspiring combination of years of top-quality education and plastic surgery expertise.The surgeon is American Board of Plastic Surgery certified.

Looking for a Surgeon Who Listens?

Someone who has been listening to patients for the last 32 years must know something about effective listening. A doctor could have received all the education and all the expertise, but if they cannot listen attentively to understand a patient’s specific needs, they have a mountain to climb.He makes you feel at ease as he explains the entire procedure you are inquiring about in plain language. With him, you know upfront what you are getting yourself into and the risks involved if any. Check out his reviews online; you will get to see what his patients think of him.