Meet Jordan Lindsey: He’s the Founder of JCL Capital, an entrepreneur, a programmer, and the developer of the Bitcoin Growth Bot algorithm.

As an entrepreneur, inventor, and the founder of the Bitcoin growth bot, Jordan Lindsey has developed the first trading bot developed for a lending program. Having built his first company, JCL Capital in 2004, Mr. Lindsey’s company has provided investors the chance to make notable monthly returns by following his advice.

JCL Capital is also a non-bank providing, investment group, which uses a methodical approach for those looking to trade in Forex. JCL Capital also provides investors with the rules, methods, and key information to trade in forex markets. Lindsey has worked hard to set himself apart from other services in the forex sector, which many lack transparency or don’t provide the return of investment he demands.

In terms of Lindsey’s other business and entrepreneurial ventures, he has served as an advisor to Energia Global and also founded the company, Prive Information Services. Mr. Lindsey also has a considerable background and experience in forex trading, portfolio management, hedge fund investing, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

Mr. Lindsey’s foray into the lending area of finance concerning cryptocurrency, began with an algorithm that he built, which trades in forex markets. The Bitcoin Growth Bot is the first third-party confirmed algorithm for cryptocurrency markets. Yet, before Jordan Lindsey had entered the areas of blockchain, systems architecture, and blockchain as an entrepreneur, he had a solid foundation in finance. He built this early foundation in finance by having success as Vice President at Maximum Capital Management.

Jordan Lindsey’s educational background included studies at Mount Angel Seminary and at St. Joseph’s College. While Jordan Lindsey’s educational foundation did not include computer science or software engineering, Mr. Lindsey had kept a keen eye on the financial markets as a niche subject area of interest. This led him to the conclusion, early on, that technology would play a large role of influencing and directing future financial markets toward the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Much like an autodidact, Lindsey taught himself all of the important technical skills needed to construct platforms and program computer algorithms, which have influenced the way people currently trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.