Jason Hope Investment in The Anti Aging Research

Jason Hope has been a man renowned for his entrepreneurial mindset and philanthropic tendencies in the technology field. Jason was born in Tempe, Arizona. He studied at Arizona State University where he had a degree in Finance. Later on, Jason got his MBA from the scope of Business.Jason Hope’s coveted business success has earned him a mentor status among young people with similar ambitions and seasoned entrepreneurs as well. Currently based in Scottsdale, Arizona Jason spends most of his time coordinating various projects as well as researching on items that pick his interest. A major interest of Jason Hope is the Internet of Things. He strongly believes in the future being shaped by the increased connectivity and communication of smart devices such as smart fridges, smart shoes, smart phones and other devices. Their connectivity will greatly impact the way society is shaped as well as the way industries and markets are designed. Jason will also once in a while embark on writing about his interests in blogs.

Jason Hope and SENS Research Foundation

Jason Hope also has philanthropic tendencies where in the past he has generously donated to various causes such as anti-aging research. A major donation receiver is SENS Research Foundation that is located in Mountain View, California. On December 9th, 2010 Jason Hope pledged $500,000 in donations that are geared towards anti-aging treatment research carried out by SENS Research Foundation. Jason strongly believes that eradication of cell degenerating diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease is a progressive step into the future. We all need to be able to embrace these changes effectively.

Through Jason’s philanthropic donations as well as other people’s donations, SENS Research Foundation was able to establish the Cambridge SENS Laboratory. In the laboratory, a number of effective stem cells experimentation is conducted in order to combat cell degenerating conditions. In the past, most of the experiments were conducted on animals that had short life spans as well as lack of glucosepane. This caused a lot of improper experimentation results as well as delays until lately when the advanced glycation end product in humans was discovered.Since then, major and focused experimentation and research has been conducted in an attempt to ensure the ailments causing cell degeneration are effectively treated. This was certainly the aspiration of Jason Hope and it seems that his futuristic investments are bearing fruit.