OSI Food Solutions Makes Exceeding Customer Expectations Its Number One Priority:

With over 80 food processing plants globally, OSI Food Solutions is one of the world’s leaders in the supply of processed meat, other food items and custom food solutions to leading retail and foodservice outlets. As big as it is, OSI Food Solutions is still a private entity and because of this, it maintains a family based culture that emphasizes top notch customer service and treating employees as family members. The company’s history can be traced back to 1909 when it started as a simple family-owned meat market. Over time, the company focussed on wholesale meat processing and distribution and became the suppliers for fast food icon McDonald’s. Today the organization ranks as one of America’s top 100 food companies and one of the biggest compies of its type in the entire world, located in 17 countries.

OSI Group has seen a huge increase in demand for processed chicken in Portugal and Spain. The Toledo, Spain plant that services that region of OSI’s operations had to undergo a massive renovation and improvement of its production line in order to keep up. The results have been impressive as the production of chicken has doubled and is now meeting the huge demand.

Working to continue its improvement of European operations, OSI Food Solutions acquired speciality food operations Flagship Europe and Dutch company Baho Food in order to take a big step up in coverage and product range. Flagship, which serves the U.K. market, in particular, has also been renamed as Creative Foods Europe.

Proof of OSI Group’s outstanding reputation in Europe was cemented in 2016 when the company received the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honour Award in recognition of the company’s 5-Star rating and commitment to environmental awareness.

OSI had big news on the American front recently as well. The former home of Tyson in Chicago, near the OSI Food Solutions home office in Aurora, Illinois, is the newest OSI facility in that region. OSI was operating a facility in the Chicago region already but the addition of this former Tyson facility will give OSI Food Solutions in Chicago a boost in production that should as much as double previous output.

All of these acquisitions, improvements and purchases have been made in order for OSI to be able to continue to fulfil its number one company goal – providing its customers with the absolute best in customer service that not only meets but exceeds their expectations. read full article