Dr. David Samadi Points Out Dangers Of Pesticides And Links To Cancer

According to experts, exposure to commonly used pesticides have been linked to liver cancer. Lenox Hill Hospital celebrity urologist, Dr. David Samadi says pesticides are used in a variety of ways and studies have revealed that they have always been under suspicion of having carcinogenic elements. Now, the effects of pesticides such as fungicides and insecticides, on humans has now been scientifically documented.

Particularly dangerous for consumers are the slow and time-delayed effects of pesticides: they can disrupt cell division, promote the development of cancer. Studies reveal that pesticide exposure is linked to a 71% increase in the risk of liver cancer. According to Dr. David Samadi, linking pesticides to various cancers are not new. On his blog, Dr. Samadi has authored how pesticides may cause cancers in children, as well as cause low sperm count.

In addition to liver cancer, researchers have linked pesticide to the development of bone cancer, prostate, pancreas, bladder and brain tumors.

The Dangers Of Pesticides

Pesticides were developed to destroy or control any harmful organisms or weeds, and to prevent damage to and preserve food, crops, and timber. However, because of the potential damage to the environment, and human and animal health, the term is now viewed negatively. While pesticides are used to solve numerous problems, they also have benefits and risks, and researchers have proven links to causing cancer.

How To Protect Against Pesticides?

For fruit and vegetables in general, the best option to remove germs and debris is clean water. Using lemon juice or a vinegar wash before refridgeration is even better, says Dr. Samadi. In addition to his duties at Lenox Hill Hospital, Dr. Samadi is also a Fox News medical correspondent, where he answers questions and offers medical advice to viewers.

He has authored more than 50 peer-reviewed medical articles, and is one of the most influential doctors in New York. Dr. Samadi has also been honored with more than 30 awards, naming his “Top Doctor”, “Castle Connolly Top Doctor”, and New York Magazine’s Top Doctor.

Dr. Samaid received both his bachelor’s and medical degrees from Stony Brook University and completed his medical residency at Montefiore and Albert Einstein Hospitals. He also completed an oncology fellowship at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

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