Sheldon Lavin Participated In the Otto & Sons That Later Developed

Sheldon Lavin serves OSI Group as the Chief Executive Officer. He is also the Chairman of the organization. He has won himself a name with a high profile in the industry of meat and food processing industry. He is an international figure. Having propelled OSI Group LLC to superior levels, he is one of the sought after manager across the world. Lavin is presently working in the office of OSI International Foods Ltd as the President. His leadership skills are unmatched.

Sheldon Lavin participated in the Otto & Sons that later developed into becoming OSI Group. Since then, Sheldon Lavin has advanced his skills in a significant way. Lavin helped OSI Group develop from a village and local business enterprise to a global leader in the food and meat processing industry. Today, OSI Group Company is depended upon by many people across the world. Presently, the company boasts more than 60 enterprises in over 60 countries around the globe.

Recently, Lavin received an award for his efforts that he shown in OSI Group leadership and management that enabled it to grow from a local dwarf enterprise to an international business that provides job opportunities all over the world. He was awarded a Global Visionary Award. The prize was presented to him on February 20, 2016, by India’s Vision World Academy.

Commenting on his award-winning, Lavin noted that he was pleased and proud of his hard work in improving OSI Group. He was honored to be the award winner. Global Visionary Award is a prestigious prize that is awarded to the most outstanding international developer. Lavin revealed that he had spent the most considerable part of his life chasing after his commitment to helping the company grow. He has also been involved in the firm’s employee’s welfare.

Apart from the Global Visionary Award that Lavin won, OSI Group has won numerous awards in various sectors such as sustainability and environment. All these awards were achieved as a result of Lavin’s effort to advance the company.

Lavin is very hopeful that his successors will keep the records higher down the generation. He wishes that the next leaders of the company will continue its objective. He wants to map the company in the highest position that no other firm can beat it in the industry. His dream is to leave OSI Group as a prominent food and meat processing industry leader. He believes in commitment and persistence.

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