Stepping Out In Color With Lime Crime Makeup

Getting a fresh look for spring is easy to do if you know what colors to use and how to apply your makeup so that it’s cool and calm. Lime Crime has several color palettes with options that range from nude to bold shades like blue and purple. Using a few beauty techniques and tips, you can get the season started with confidence.

Glittery Days

Add a bit of glitter to your life, bringing sparkle to your eyes, lips or cheeks. When the sun shines on your face just right or when the lights at night hit at just the right angle, everyone will see the sparkle from the glitter in the makeup that you use on your face, such as Diamond Crushers from Lime Crime. There are over 20 colors to choose from, but popular shades include pink Choke and bright blue.

Brighten Up

Neon colors might not be at the top of your list of makeup trends, but they are an option to consider during the spring season. Even though neon colors tend to stand out, you can apply them to your face in a subtle manner so that they add beauty to any area. A benefit of Lime Crime’s neon makeup is that there are selections for the hair, lips, eyes, and nails. The Venus 2 Palette includes a variety of bright eyeshadow hues. The Metallic Velvetine lipsticks also add life while keeping your lips soft and during the day and evening.

Don’t Forget The Nails

When you begin planning your makeup, try to coordinate your colors with your nails. Most nail colors last about a week. This is a good time frame for changing from one color to another so that you can wear other shades on your face as well. Bold nail colors blend well with a natural look on the face. However, if you plan to use neon and glitter or other bold shades on the face, then you want to keep your nails a bit more natural with a gel coat or white tips.