Malcolm CasSelle is a Digital Guru with WAX and OPSkins

Malcolm CasSelle began his career in 1995. A bachelor’s recipient from MIT, CasSelle completed his graduate degree at Stanford, earning a master’s in the same subject as his bachelor’s, computer sciences. His first foray into the digital market was NetNoir, a media production website he co-founded. CasSelle served as CTO for the company until ’97. From ’98 to 2002 he was senior vice president and advisor for eth CEO of Pacific Century Cyberworks. PCCW is based in Hong Kong, and would be the start of a long stay for CasSelle. In 2006 he was a director of private direct investments for Capitol Union Investments. During Groupon’s JV with Tencent, the Chinese gaming giant, CasSelle served as a top executive. His experience landed him an impressive background, one that allowed him to climb further up the ladder.

April 2012 CasSelle was made CEO of Xfire, a global social network for core gamers. 2013 CasSelle was named CEO of MediaPass, and online paywall company for digital content subscriptions. 2013 also saw the foundation of Timeline Labs, which CasSelle ran as CEO. The company became a part of SeaChange international in 2014, and CasSelle stayed on as Senior Vice President and General Manager. 2016 CasSelle was named CTO president of new ventures for Tronc Inc. From here he became CIO of OPSkins, a global leader in virtual content sales. He presently serves in that capacity, as well as CEO and president of WAX.

WAX stand stands for Worldwide Asset eXchange, and functions as a P2P network for digital commodities trading within a decentralized zone. Using blockchians for protection WAX goes where no other video game network dares to go. Through WAX players can buy and sell assets and online currency to each other. Allowing a return of investment for the first time.

WAX promises to change the entirety of the cryptocurrency industry, which has been gaining ground since the boom of Bitcoin. Bitcoin happens to be CasSelle’s fist foray into digital currency, as CasSelle was an early stage investor. His interest in Bitcoin led OPSkins to be the global Bitcoin merchant.