Great Insights of Malcolm Casselle

The founders of OPSkins recently launched Wax (Worldwide Asset exchange) a platform that will allow buyers and sellers to trade virtual assets among each other efficiently. Wax is designed with the blockchain technology, and it strives to solve the issues of fragmentation and fraud. By using the platform, gamers can now tokenize their assets and trade with other gamers without necessarily having to get off their gaming sites. The issues of fraud have also been eliminated through Wax, and as a result, the security of every gamer’s assets has also been observed.

Wax is specially designed to cater for the needs of over 400 million online video gamers who are willing to sell and buy assets through the blockchain platforms. Wax also uses tokens that are specially designed to enable every individual using the platform to exchange their virtual goods to earn cryptocurrencies. Besides, the wax platform will also allow virtual gamers to create their own virtual stores on one decentralized platform through which they can receive secure and trusted services. Besides, the users of the platform will also enjoy instant payments. The platform will also bring millions of users together in a single ecosystem through which they can share ideas together regarding the blockchain technology.

Malcolm Casselle is the president of Wax and CIO of OPSkins. He has highly contributed to the success of the two platforms, and through the vast knowledge he has gained over the recent years regarding the blockchain concept, he has ensured that the issues of all Virtual gamers are efficiently solved. Malcolm has played various roles in many other firms, and he first started his career on the field of technology at the Groupon venture in China. He has also worked in many other forums like the Xfire, MediaPass and many more. Additionally, Malcolm has also served as the president and CTO of Tribune Publishing besides serving many other prestigious roles in various known companies in the country.

Malcolm has showcased a great commitment towards his work, and this has seen him achieve major successes. Casselle believes in the importance of working together as a team with his team of employees as well as other executives.