José Auriemo Neto

Launched in 1972 as a JHS firm, the business is the principal field of investment and investment or high tech section, having a focus on actions of Renda Recorrente.

A firm ate not just Brazilian marketplace, but also in different nations, like the United States and Uruguay.
For a primary Brazilian property business to prioritize rents, which comprised mining of shopping centers, airports and hotels, and also two immobility jobs.

A lingo of its foundation, the business accounted for at least 6 miles of yards constructed as well as in 2017, a market value of roughly $1.20 billion.

Originally under the title of JHS that the business was mainly performing building and incorporation services.
In 1990 there has been a separation in the corporation.

Fábio Auriemo took charge of the performance of the business that became JHSF and preserved the attention of its operations in the housing marketplace.

José Roberto was forward of another firm caused by the merger, JHSJ.

In 2001, the business expanded its performance and began to function in the purchasing malls region,
JHSF was accountable for the building and performance of Shopping Metro Santa Cruz in São Paulo, it is said to be the first mall in the countries history to have incorporated using a subway station.

A couple of decades after, José Auriemo Neto, the eldest son of Fábio Auriemo, took on the business in ages 27, intensifying his function at the luxury and higher income marketplace.

Zeco, because he’s known, was responsible for growing the business’s parking lot branch, Park Bem, at age 17, also at 22, was a manager of the mall area.

In 2006, JHSF established the Cidade Jardim multi-complex, home to Shopping Cidade Jardim, the principal reference in the nation’s luxury marketplace. Along with this mall, the complex contains nine residential towers which are a part of this luxury condo Park City Garden and three industrial towers that constitute the City Garden Corporate Center.

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