Feed Your Family An OSI Group Diet

OSI Industries; The Largest Food Group In North America

The OSI Group has been able to feed millions of clients a meal they can enjoy. How does OSI maintain their spot at the top of the food chain? They have been able to offer their clients a stabilized diet processed under the strict guidelines set forth by the food administration. Each meal is packed with the daily recommended amount of antioxidants and completely organic processed ingredients. Based in Illinois, the OSI Group, has over a century of experience in the food industry. If it’s an OSI diet, you can trust their brand to feed your family.

OSI Industries Recent International News

The international EU food group is a very lucrative food industry that was sought after by several food group leaders. They were one of the first to make a successful bid for the Flagship Europe Food Group. OSI will be responsible for processing food for their largest food facility. The deal has been a success and has been estimated to be worth $7.4 million dollars. Flagship says, they’re proud to have the food giants processing their restaurant condiments and frozen meat patties. They have also been able to create a partnership with the popular, Dutch, Baho Food Group.

More About The OSI Group

Their popular food group industry has been able to give back to many humanitarian efforts nationwide and around the world. Their President, David McDonald, actively, participates in the YMCA and the Boys Club of America. You have the option of being a part of their diverse work community by applying for a position online. You have a chance to become a part of the safety of the food industry with OSI. They’ve also taken over a Chicago, Tyson food plant to help the already established work crew, keep their positions.OSI is responsible for proceasing hot dogs, frozen poultry, meat patties, organic vegetables, desserts, and much more. In fact, the OSI Group has doubled their chicken production this fiscal quarter. They’re also the proud recipients of the British Council Awards for food excellence. Visit the official OSI Group website for more details on their processed food.