Hussain Sajwani’s Unmatched Entrepreneurial Skills Molded Him into the Business Giant That He is today

Hussain Sajwani is a talented Dubai-based real estate mogul. He also has his eyes on other industries like the food and catering industry as well as equities and capital markets around the globe. He has strong interpersonal skills. He can establish and maintain relationships with prominent people. Hussain Sajwani shares a business relationship with Donald Trump. The two real estate giants have joined hands to create two golf courses in Dubai. This relationship extends to a personal level and other members of their families. In his New Year speech, Donald Trump referred to the Hussain Sajwani Family as the most beautiful people.

Career History

Hussain Sajwani is a respected alumnus of the University of Washington. After completing his studies, he secured a position with GASCO as an executive contracts manager. He left after a short while to launch a catering business in 1982. He would supply catering services to the United States military and the staff in the Abu Dhabi energy sector. The business was thriving, but Hussain felt he could achieve more. His entrepreneurial eye spotted an opportunity when traders started flocking the United Arabs Emirates for business. He figured that they would require accommodation, which led him to construct several hotels. He was able to sell them in a short time, which helped him find a standing in the real estate industry. His breakthrough came in 2002 when foreigners were allowed to own properties by the Dubai government, Hussain Sajwani rode on the decree and launched DAMAC Properties.

DAMAC Properties

DAMAC Properties has cut a niche in the real estate arena across the globe. It is well known for delivering top-notch luxury, commercial, and residential properties around the world. Headquartered in Dubai, the firm has operations in other locations, including Qatar, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, and Lebanon. DAMAC Properties has over the years partnered with the world’s leading fashion and lifestyle experts to bring unprecedented concepts in the market.


Hussain Sajwani possesses a philanthropic spirit. The DAMAC owner led his company in giving a financial donation towards a course aimed at clothing the needy children. This move was part of the firm’s mission to improve the communities’ living standards.

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