Marc Beer’s Great Support to Women’s Health

Marc Beer has over 25 years of experience in the commercialization and the development of diagnostics biotechnology and pharmaceutical devices. Marc holds several senior positions at the Renovia Company where he serves as the co-founder, CEO, and chairman. He founded the company in 2016 where his co-founders include Yolanda Lorie and Ramon Iglesias who serves as the MD of the company. Before his job at the Renovia Organization, Marc served at the ViaCell(NASDAQ: VIAC), where he was the founder and CEO of the firm. Besides, the company grew tremendously under his leadership and had over 300 workers as its area of specialization was collecting, preserving, and developing the stem cells of the blood in the umbilical cord. What’s more, Marc again worked at the Genzyme Company before the acquisition of the ViaCell Company by the PerkinElmer Organization in 2005.


How Marc Beer’s raised $42 million to improve Women’s Health


Marc Beer recently closed a $32 million deal of series B that saw the startup of some new health products of the pelvic floor disorders. Moreover, the entire deal was inclusive of a $10 million amount that was tied along as a venture debt. Located in Boston, the Medtech Venture is set to be involved in the development of several therapeutic and diagnostic products that will assist in the treatment of pelvic floor conditions such as urinary incontinence in women. Equally important, the medical research shows that an estimated 250 million women in the globe are affected by the pelvic floor disorders. Nonetheless, through the company’s dedicated workers and excellent leadership from Marc Beer, Renovia recently unveiled it’s very first product known as Leva that received the FDA approval.


Further, another healthcare company that was known as the Longwood Fund also contributed to the series B funding of Renovia. The funding project was led by the Ascension Ventures that are based in Missouri and the Perceptive Advisors based in New York. Furthermore, Marc Beer stated that through the support of such like-minded investors who shared the vision of improvement of the women’s health, they would even develop a more advanced Leva device. Also, the more sophisticated equipment would not only combine the latest technology but would incorporate innovative solutions to help in the further research of the diagnostic and therapeutic testing. Additionally, Marc Beer also announced that through the new digital healthcare platform, there would be more treatment options besides the long-term depreciation of healthcare costs. Learn more: