History of OSI Group the Leading Food Distributor

Mc Donalds is a renowned figure in various countries. They have thousands of food outlets in almost every corner of the globe. The company gets food supplies from OSI Group which is the world’s largest food distributor. The company is entrusted to supply these food products to every corner of the globe as well as helping improving the way they are handled and distributed. With over 20,000 employees, OSI Group has managed to meet their customer’s demand across the entire globe.

They have managed to spread their roots to 17 countries and have 65 facilities that have made them one of the largest food distributors across the globe. This is the only company that has the financial muscles to achieve successful contracts with the worlds largest food chains. The company has appeared on the global map as one of the fastest growing locals across the entire globe.

Origin of OSI Group

The company was formed over 100 years ago by an immigrant of German descent. He had to toil, sweat and struggle towards making ends meet. As an immigrant, the German-based in Chicago had to undergo serious challenges in life. Kolschowsky is the immigrants behind OSI Group whereby he opened a small butchery during the first world war. Within a short period, the venture started to grow and became a family business. The company later emerged as one of the most successful ventures across the entire business industry and was able to change its name to Otto & Sons.

In the 1950’s, Franchising form of business began and at that particular time, McDonald’s were the leading suppliers of all types of foods. The company McDonald’s started to grow under the leadership of Ray Kroc. During that particular time, Kroc was a close buddy of Otto & Sons and they signed their first agreement of supplying meat to their outlets. The company, OSI was able to rise to greatness when they started having regular supplies of food products at a wholesale.

Otto & Sons changed its name in early 1970 when they decided that they should move to other countries seeking growth. They incorporated the leadership skills of Sheldon Lavin who took over the leadership after the retirement of the founder. He was very versed with management and finance and was able to secure more financing for the company which enabled them to open more facilities across the 17 countries.