Jacon Gottlieb Has A Passion For The Financial World

Jacob Gottlieb is the former founder and CIO of Visium Asset Management. Altium provides a start over for Gottlieb since he took the last couple of years closing Visium and getting through the consequences of an insider trading scandal by various rogue employees. Gottlieb made it out of the scandal without a scratch and is trying to rebuild his previous success with investing with Altium.

Early Interest

Gottlieb gained an early interest in investing. He first experienced success when he was just a teen, and he won a stock picking challenge at school. He had the support of his parents as well as a solid work ethic. He was geared for success professionally and academically. Gottlieb graduated with honors. He had a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Brown University and an M.D. from NYU Medical School. Since Gottlieb planned to have a medical career, he completed and internship at St. Vincent’s Hospital. The internship showed him that medicine wasn’t really what he wanted to pursue and so he turned his attention to finance and worked on Wall Street.

Starting Out

Gottlieb’s career started with him as a buy-side analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. He continued learning while he had a job and he earned his Certified Financial Analyst designation. He wound up moving on from Sanford seeking career advancement and became a portfolio manager at Merlin Biomed Group. From there he moved on to Balyasny Asset Management and he career soared from there. His youthful energy and ambition caused him to shortly become a top earner. After several years at Balyasny his entrepreneurial nature and ambition caused him to start Visium.

Creating Visium

Visium’s founders include Gottlieb and various family members and colleagues. Gottlieb’s successful reputation gained him easy tryst from investors. He was able to raise $300 million in capital. Visium had talent and the money. The company was headed for success. Gottlieb was hands on with the recruitment of his team. He provided support and mentorship to the portfolio managers and they were very helpful in the growth of the company. At it’s highest point. Visium was an $8 million-dollar fund. It had 170 employees throughout the offices in New York, San Francisco and London.