Papa Johns Is Looking Good Again With Steve Ritchie Behind The Wheel

Steve Ritchie is the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer for Papa Johns. Despite standing during a rough time at the company, Steve Ritchie believes he can do what is right for the company and make some positive changes. Not only does Steve want to bring the company back to its former place in the market, but he wants Papa Johns to stand out from the competition to be the best pizza seller in the nation today. Papa Johns has been around for more than thirty years and they are still going today thanks to dedicated individuals like Steve to protect the companies values.

Even though Papa Johns is going through a rough patch, not all is lost, since they have many loyal customers that still support them and understand that not all employees are the same. Steve Ritchie made similar statements to the press, ensuring customers that Pap Johns is still home to many dedicated and loyal hard working individuals that want to build a better community through Papa Johns. Quality service starts with taking responsibility, which is what Steve has promised his customers moving forward at the company.

The management at Papa Johns is conducting surveys throughout the company and getting personal feedback from team members at various Papa Johns locations as well. This will help Papa Johns change from the inside out to improve their relationships within each community. Employee satisfaction will translate to happier employees and happier customers by extension.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns is starting from the inside, which is why he is putting a lot of focus on Papa Johns and its employees at the moment. By improving the establishment at home and creating a more positive work environment where employees are not only appreciated but dedicated, this will translate to better service for customers and a better sense of community. Papa John’s embattled CEO Steve Ritchie braces for fight: ‘Pizza is my life’.

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