The Chainsmokers Are At An All-Time High In The Music Industry

The Chainsmokers are responsible for some of the greatest hits of the last few years with titles like Paris, Closer, and Something Just Like This. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are the stars behind the Chainsmokers and they have been producing music together ever since 2012. First entering the scene in the EDM genre with #SELFIE, the Chainsmokers made little headway in the music industry. In 2015, the Chainsmokers did a collaboration with the already popular artist, Halsey, to create one of their most popular songs ever, Closer. Closer is still going strong as one of the longest-running number one songs on the music charts in history and it also became a Diamond single just this year.

Halsey also shared in this achievement with the Chainsmokers and both artists took to social media to present their awarded plaques. This accomplishment comes as a reminding milestone for these growing artists and the Chainsmokers hope they have much more coming to please their fans. When Alex and Andrew first came together, the biggest spark between them was their creativity and ability to blend their sounds, which is what they are trying to get back in touch with as of late. They are still churning out hits, but they want to make sure they are still trying new things and experimenting as musicians. This is pretty typical of artists that have become huge successes in the music industry.

The Chainsmokers pride themselves on relating to their audiences and building a deeper story to be heard in their music past the melodic EDM beats. This is what Alex and Andrew truly want to focus on moving forward into 2019 as they produce new music. It has become popular in the music industry to talk about success and the good life behind being a celebrity, but the Chainsmokers are not looking to gloat or seem more impressive than they are. Instead, they deal with the same struggles as everyone else and they are sharing that in their passion-fueled music.