Betsy DeVos Puts Her Foot Through the Door to Change for the Education Department

The education department in the United States is putting out students who are not meeting the same standards in math and science as students from other developed countries. Most students from other more developed countries are testing and showing very well results in math and science studies. The education department in the United States clearly needs to make major changes when it comes to their math and science education studies. The education secretary Betsy DeVos has put her foot forward with the entire department to makes moves to change how the department needs to compete with the rest of the world when it comes to how we educate our students.


Betsy DeVos was originally met with opposition when she became a part of the Trump administration based on what many perceived as a lack of enough experience in the education field in the United States. DeVos has spent her time proving this sentiment wrong with her dedication to the job at hand. Betsy DeVos has spoken with a variety of different schools to get an understanding of what they need. She has held meetings with the education department to understand what the problems are that need to be resolved within the department. She has pushed for school districts to make their own rules regarding school policy, such as permitting transgender students and school staff to use the bathrooms that fit with how they personally identify.


Betsy DeVos has also made it apparent that she has had past experiences with the education field. She has spent a good chunk of her life donating money to schools and to scholarship programs for students. One of her life ambitions is to put school choice on the map as a more viable option for school funding to be enacted across the country. The school choice system is something that is perpetuated by a large part of the conservative Christian community that Betsy DeVos is from. Her past experiences are relevant to the position of education secretary. She has put a considerable amount of time into making school choice a more open option in her home state.


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