Krishen Iyer Is A Firm Believer In The Power Of Marketing Through Email:

The rise of email has been one of the most significant improvements to people’s ability to communicate that has ever arisen. These days, virtually everyone uses email in one way or another. It may be for simple communication with one’s social circle or work, among the list of many other things, but it has clearly become ingrained in our global culture. It has been a driving factor in truly connecting the world in ways that were never before possible. Email use also has a lot of other productive uses such as marketing applications that companies can take advantage of. Krishen Iyer is an entrepreneur that has been working hard to help companies find new ways to creatively market through email. He is accomplishing this through his revolutionary company that is called Managed Benefits Services.


As the founder of Managed Benefits Services, CEO Krishen Iyer leads a vibrant firm that has a speciality in the areas of consulting services and marketing strategies such as lead generation for businesses in the dental and healthcare insurance spheres. The company makes its headquarters out of the California municipality of Carlsbad. From this base of operations, Krishen spends his time creating strategies that help to make his many clients successful in their marketing campaigns. Recently, Krishen has been enlightening people to the benefits that can be found within the sphere of email marketing. He emphasizes that this type of marketing can be particularly beneficial for firms in the healthcare industry.


Marketing through email that follows a strategy of appealing to what the prospective customer would want is a major method that Krishen Iyer recommends to his clients in terms of email marketing strategies. The concept of taking a theory and then making it into a reality by using it in practice is another area where Krishen Iyer has shown success in helping his clients.