Victoria Doramus Saving Animals

Animals all over the world are being killed for various reasons. People have created organizations with the hopes of helping to save innocent animals that are being killed because they are sick or old. Many people support the organizations that work to make sure that animals are safe. Victoria Doramus is an individual that has made it her business to help make sure animals are getting the proper treatment that they deserve. Victoria Doramus partners with the Best Friends Animal Society to try and save as many animals as possible before it is too late.

Best Friends Animal Society is a nonprofit organization that works hard to try and saves some of the 17 million animals that are killed in animal shelters every year. The organization was started in the 1980s. They have worked hard over the years to try and save the lives of innocent animals that deserve a home where they are able to receive the love and proper care that they need to live. Best Friends Animals Society can save animals by hosting adoption events to get the animals to new homes, so they aren’t at risk of being killed while in the shelter waiting to be adopted.

Recovery expert Victoria Doramus has had her time of feeling lost and hopeless like the animals in the shelter. She once battled with severe addiction. She needed someone to help her. When she was in need, she was able to get the help necessary for her to pursue a happy and healthy life without drugs. Since Doramus is now living better, she makes sure to find ways to help people that are in need. Not only does she try to help people in need she also decided to help animals.

Victoria Doramus is helping to save animals one at a time through the Best Friends Animal Society. The work that she is doing is helping to give animals a new chance at life. Animals that were formerly in the shelter are able to get the medicine and love that they need to get stronger and live healthy lives in their new homes.

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