How Is Mathew Fleeger’s Joint Ventures Changing The Oil And Gas Industry?

Vast lands in America’s Gulf coast remained unexplored. This implies that their potentially unmatched potential in terms of gas and oil and other equally economically viable resources remain untapped. The imagination that these grounds continue to harbor vast resources would become Mathew Fleeger’s driving force into establishing Gulf Western LLC. The company serves as the managing venture for the Oi and Gas General Partnerships, also referred to as Joint Ventures.

Why come together

The Joint Ventures is a partnership between Gulf Western oil and gas industry players that have come together to revolutionize the industry. While they may have concentrated their efforts on the western gulf coast, these companies have pooled in resources, expertise, experience, and talent with the aim of fully exploiting the region’s natural resources.

To achieve this goal, the brand has centered its activities around exploring, acquiring and developing the domestic oil and gas reserves in the region. Their exploration and development is also relatively biased towards reserves with both geophysical and geological advantages such as the existence of well-developed structures as well as urbanized areas.

Strategic acquisitions

Just recently, the Mathew Fleeger-led venture acquired Orbit Gulf Coast explorations. The move granted it access to Orbits research materials such as 3D seismic data covering hundreds of square miles in Southwestern Louisiana.

Other critical acquisitions from Orbit energy partners included 13 producing well as and lose to 140 drilling locations that are estimated to hold over 30 million barrels of oil. The acquisition set the ball rolling in Joint Ventures and closer to the achievement of their goals.

About Mathew Fleeger

Mathew has over the years earned the title of an oil and gas industry expert and renowned business professional on the international circles. He is especially famed for his expertise in contract negotiations, strategic planning, and entrepreneurship. Before founding starting Gulf Western LLC where he serves as Chairman and CEO he had acquired Palm Beach Tan, a six-store operation, and turned into the biggest indoor tanning company in the United States.