Nick Vertucci: Successful Real Estate Investor Shares Secrets In New Book

Nick Vertucci is the author of a book titled “Seven Figure Decisions” which is the story of how he made the right decisions to becoming a millionaire from losing everything he had. Nick dives deep into his calculated business decisions and shares his secrets with his reading audience. Nick Vertucci currently resides in Southern California and is founder and CEO of The Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc. out of Irvine, CA. He is a well known real estate investor who purchases bank owned properties for pennies on the dollar and rehabs and sells the same properties for profit. His purchases mainly include single-family homes. His investment system is outlined in the book and this article will briefly summarize an Author Hour April 2018 podcast article explaining his path to becoming a millionaire. The entire article can be found at the following link:

Throughout his journey, Nick Vertucci maintained his integrity and secured close business relationships which both helped him when he struggled and hit rock bottom. It was then that he created his cash-flow system which allowed him to do real estate investing full-time and retire from being a police officer. Because of harsh economic times during 2013, his business suffered but Nick continued to hold on to his business and told his staff to stay with him.

After Nick ended his business partnership at around the same time, he started to rebuild. He started his own real estate training company. Nick maintained self-confidence early on in his reinvented business and believed in himself that he was going to be successful. He explains that being positive is not the only part of being successful. He states that one has to have a plan in place. This is the basis of his book.

Nick ends the podcast by asking others to know your character and to create your own destiny.