Alex Pall’s Musical Career with the Chainsmokers

It is incredible to see how the Chainsmokers duo (Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart) have successfully taken over the music scene during the past few years. The two produce a peaceful electric form of music which is greatly spicing up the music industry. Though their musical career has been quite overwhelming, they have managed to overcome every challenge that comes their way. With consistent effort and commitment, they have both contributed to the growth, development, expansion, and progress of their brand.

In a recent interview with the Interview Magazine, Alex Pall brought out various issues that have been vital in enhancing the success of the Chainsmokers since their first meeting. The band thrives in the great talent and passion the two have in music. Their encounter was at an art gallery through their manager now who was Pall’s manager at that time. Since then, they strive to build a unique and sustainable brand and establishing a stable market base.

According to Alex Pall, selling out songs and lyrics is not an act that should only rely on melody, but on words as well. Under his influence, Chainsmokers has managed to make thrilling and popular music lyrics that surpass what already exists in the industry. He significantly contributed in composing and writing some of the top hit songs by the band including the latest track “Sick Boy,” “Don’t let me down,” and “Roses.” With such songs, the duo remains alive and keeps the fans hooked waiting for the release of another song.

Pall and his band mate focus on building their EDM music culture as an entire genre by breaking the existing norm in the industry. The legacy of the band is way beyond just making hit songs. They aim at working harder towards meeting the changing demands of their expanding audience. It is their dream to give their fans new and exciting experiences all the time.

Besides his prowess in music, Alex Pall cherishes appealing works of art. It is an aspect we can draw from the recent purchase of a magnificent home in the Hollywood Hills, a design by Peti Lau. The Grammy-winning Dj loves art as much as he loves music.