Gareth Henry Advises on Investing in Real Estate

Gareth Henry works as a Managing Director at Fortress Investment Group. He is in charge of the marketing activities of the company within the USA and also in Europe and the Middle East. He graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a degree in actuarial mathematics. Gareth Henry has also previously worked for Angelo Gordon, Schroders Plc, SEI Investment, and Watson Wyatt.

Gareth Henry has expressed that investors are trying to address of the biggest questions of all time, which is what they can do to respond to the interest rates that are expected to rise in several times next year. Although there is an option for one to liquidate their holding and operate with cash, they are likely to suffer the consequences of taxation. It is not a viable option because it places the investor in a no-win position. Not to mention, when the capital is sitting in cash, it would be earning peanuts. For this reason, investors should start developing an interest in real estate. Check out to read more about Gareth Henry.

When people hear about real estate they assume it all involves family home. According to Gareth Henry, at least 64 percent of the families in the US are homeowners and for the majority, it is their largest asset. Although the price of homes has increased in the past years, unless one has rented out a room, it does not generate any income for the owner. On the contrary, a home is like a money sponge, therefore one has to have an income to keep it in good condition. It is the reason an investor should consider starting an income generating real estate investment.

Gareth Henry advises that investors can focus on two categories of real estate. The first is core +, which is likely to offer returns ranging from 7-11%. In this category, the property can either be in suburbs of the main city such as New York or in a secondary metropolitan region. The other category is value-added real estate which is more than just collecting income. The strategies associated with this category include; buying a rundown real estate, borrowing a loan to make improvements on the building, and finally selling it at a higher price to cover the incurred cost and earn a profit. Learn more: