James River Capital Understands How Some Simple Tweeks Can Make A Huge Deal In Leadership Skill:

James River Capital is an investment firm that has an interesting history behind it. The outfit originally began under the name of KP Futures Management Corp. The firm was under the Kidder, Peabody and Co., Inc. umbrella but 1995 saw Paul Saunders move the company into an independent realm along with his co-senior officer Kevin Brandt. It was rebranded under the name of James River Capital and has developed a reputation as a top-notch commodity trading firm. James River Capita is also registered by the SEC under the Investment Advisor umbrella. The investment firm is also known for its expertise as a pool operator in commodities. Currently, there is more than $500 million in assets that are under the James River Capital umbrella. James River Capital has garnered some impressive awards over course of its history. These awards include a 2015 Global Fund Award and a 2014 US Hedge-Fund Performance Award. Learn more: https://www.turtletrader.com/trader-jamesriver/


James River Capital is a great place that clients can come to grab some great skills in leadership. The team at James River Capital recommends several critical tips that can make for better overall leadership. It must be stressed that sometimes it is the simple changes that make all the difference in terms of running a business and leading a team. Much research has been done on this topic and these three areas are some of the most important in terms of developing leadership to the next level.


Providing proper and thoughtful support to the team that works under you is one of the biggest things that James River Captial recommends for leaders to improve their success rates. Instead of micromanaging and leading, it is better to provide the support that allows team members to fully function at the top of their ability and to bring their own creativity to the project at hand.


Making it clear to your employees and team members that you value their opinion and want them to be vocal about giving them are a pair of other desirable attributes that James River Capital suggests in order to increase success as a leader. A great deal of innovation and the ability to successfully collaborate in a team setting comes from knowing that a leader takes the opinions of team members seriously and wants these opinions to be given freely. Leaders who consistently succeed are able to cultivate an environment where their team members are open to becoming a fully functional and contributing member of the team. A great deal of innovation and success can be directly attributed to the ability to present this kind of atmosphere in the workplace. Understanding these principles has led to great leadership throughout the history of James River Capital.