What Does Jason Hope Live For?

We all want a long and healthy life. Given a chance, we all would not mind living forever. Imagine not having any deadlines because you have a lifetime to do whatever it is you wish to do. There would be no pressure, depression and less anxiety in society. Jason Hope does not only dream about that kind of life but also works towards achieving that kind of lifestyle.

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a futurist. He is so grateful for the number of problems technology has solved. As a philanthropist, he sponsors the best ideas on his website. He, however, says that even with the $500 he gives sometimes is not enough.

Jason Hope believes that there is a way to stop the body from wearing out. He says that instead of waiting for the body to contract diseases such as diabetes, arthritis and other diseases that the body becomes vulnerable to as it ages, it can be prevented from contracting them. To show his commitment, he contributed $500000 to SENS Research Foundation to sponsor their program and encouraged others to contribute as well. He says that working with Dr Aubrey de Grey has been very fulfilling to him, and helpful to understand the process.

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When asked about the books that inspire him, Jason says that he believes in technology and so for him, he uses the internet for research. However, he admits that he reads interesting blogs and shares them on his social media pages. He is spending a substantial part of his time on understanding technology that advances human intelligence. This is why he dedicates his time reading about any interesting scientific facts and technology.

One of the greatest achievements that Jason Hope has had is finally selling his house after being in the market for five years. By so doing, he freed some resources and earned some money. This means he has more money and time in his hands. He will be using the resources at hand to develop the society. This is through encouraging the high school and college students to dare think differently and pursue their wildest dreams for the good course.

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