Ted Bauman Reaches Thousands of Investors Through His Writing

There are few individuals out there that spend their whole careers trying to help other people, which makes these kinds of people special and necessary to create a better future for coming generations. Ted Bauman has spent his whole life trying to help others through his work and his advice. For most of his career, Ted was working with corporations around the world to help people being oppressed by their governments or large corporations, specifically in South Africa. These days, Ted is focused on his work as an economist and a writer for Banyan Hill Publishing. Ted has become quite a popular writer with thousands of readers coming to Banyan Hill to see what he has published.

Ted Bauman is well acquainted with all things finance and has been focused on improving the economy for many years. One of the major reasons he took up a position at Banyan Hill was to help the average investor build a successful career. There are thousands of budding entrepreneurs and investors out there looking to make an impact and create their own success and financial independence. Ted keeps up with his own career while also doing an extensive amount of research and writing to keep his readers informed on a weekly basis. Ted writes the Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B Club Newsletters at Banyan Hill and they have shown great promise for investors.

As far as economists in the United States go, Ted Bauman is a rare breed. Not only does he have more the two decades of experience, but he has spent his career traveling and living throughout South Africa. Ted grew up in the United States and then moved to South Africa to study and earn a college degree. After earning his degrees in history and economics from the University of Cape Town, Ted Bauman went on to work at more than a dozen organizations around South Africa, lending his economic expertise and consulting services.