Peter Briger Is An Accomplished Financial Executive And Billionaire

Fortress Investment Group is perhaps the largest asset management and alternative investment firm in the United States today and Peter Briger currently operates as their Principal and Co-Chairman. Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 in New York City and they currently manage more than 70 billion dollars in capital for their investors around the world. Peter Briger had a major hand in helping the company turn public in 2007, which was the beginning to their huge growth in the market. By 2010, just three years after going public, Fortress built up a portfolio of more than one thousand clients, managing 44 billion dollars in assets.

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Peter first joined the management committee at Fortress Investment Group in 2002, but it wasn’t until 2009 that he was made a member of the board as co-chairman. In his current position, Peter spends most of his time handling Credit and overseeing real estate equity. Although Fortress Investment is headquartered in New York, Peter currently lives in San Fransico and works for the corporation out of his personal office.

When Peter was first invited to the company, he was put on the management committee right away because he had already shown a successful past in finances coming from an executive position at Goldman Sachs. Peter Briger maintained a position at Goldman Sachs for just over fifteen years and he was made a partner at the firm in 1996. This was a promotion by all means, but Peter only stayed for a few more years before moving on to other business prospects.

Success as an investor and financial advisor is not all that Peter Briger has earned a reputation for throughout his 30-year long career. Peter is an active philanthropist that maintains board positions for several non-profit organizations across the country, including the Tipping Point organization. Caliber Schools is also partnered with Peter to provide youth with better educational opportunities.

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