Investment Banker Martin Lustgarten Helps Shelter Dogs In Florida

Martin Lustgarten is an investment banker who actually is a citizen of Austria and Venezuela, but he makes his home in Florida because of the great weather. He knows that animals do not have a lot of advocates, and he has a platform where he can help the animals he loves. He has his own shelter dog, and he wants to make sure that he is helping these dogs in any way he can. He cannot buy up kennels or shelters in the area, but he can raise funds to help these goodhearted people.


The GoFundMe page he started is going to help the shelters in the area that do not euthanize their animals. They wait for these animals to find good homes, and they need to have continuous funding to make sure that they can help every dog that comes in the door. The dogs are going to given to good families, and Martin Lustgarten is someone who knows that having a shelter dog in the house is a blessing.


He believes in helping dogs as much as he can, and he wants to give that money to shelters near his home that help the shelter dogs like his own dog. There are people who will be able to adopt these dogs, and these people are going to be able to have a nice life with their lovely dogs. They cannot get these dogs without the help of the shelters, and they need to know that these shelters are going to have the funding to keep their doors open.


These people are also going to have to make sure that they are giving to Martin Lustgarten’s GoFundMe page. The page is going to help raise money for shelters that are very close to his heart, and the money will be given out to the shelters as he raises even more money. He wants to make sure that he is going to be able to give as much as possible, and he is sharing this page with all his clients. He wants all the people who want to help shelter dogs to give to make sure that they can help stray dogs in the area. Find videos on Lustgarten’s vimeo page to see what else the investment banker is into.