Waiakea Water: A complete exploration of nature’s most elegant gifts.

Waiakea Water: A complete exploration of nature’s most elegant gifts.

When someone states that not all water has the same quality, some may brush that off as a rumor. Fortunately, with their alkaline water, Waiakea has proven this theory. They have even gone as far as posing an encouragement on people to develop a habit of drinking more water.

When taking food or water, a majority of people never put into concern the effects of the pH of the substance. pH dramatically affects one’s body cells and tissues. pH values range from 0 to 14 with acidity at the lower limit and alkalinity on the higher limits of the pH scale. A pH of seven is considered neutral. Our bodies have a natural way of ensuring a pH balance.

Most water companies produce their water with a pH value ranging from four to seven. This means that most bottled water out there are either acidic or neutral. In contrary to this practice, the Waiakea water pH value is usually at 8.8. This indicates that they produce alkaline water. This is the natural pH value of water. The alkalinity enhances the sustainability of the bottled water. It as well causes a detoxing effect on the users. The alkaline water can intensively help in managing the stomach acidity, especially in ulcers patients.

Waiakea water is the first Hawaii Volcanic water. The manufacturing process includes an outstanding filtration process. The water is harvested after going through thousands of feet of porous volcanic debris. This porous debris contains natural minerals such as magnesium that contribute to the alkalinity of the water. From the physical purification process, the water is directly bottled.

Waiakea Inc is a company now purposely focused on the distribution of natural volcanic water. The company employs a unique design in the production. They thrive due to their vast experience in health sustainability issues and their generous nature. In fact, they are known as the most charitable water company globally.

The company was established in 2002. Ryan Emmons is the founder and CEO of this firm. Ryan started the company after being inspired by the beautiful nature that surrounded his upbringing. His charity service in numerous parts of Africa also inspired his venture into Waiakea Inc.

The company has won numerous awards over the time it has been in business. It is ranked as the fastest growing water industry all over the United States. The Waiakea products can be found in numerous food outlets and shops all across the US.