Real Estate Investor Jim Toner

Jim Toner has been a part of real estate investment for more than 25 years. He started out doing discounts with no cash and no credit. He even gave away debt-free homes to veterans. Jim Toner has made appearances on CNN and FOX News National. In 2010, Jim Toner chose to retire from real estate after having bad experiences with losing traffic. His clients went to an individual who operated one of the largest firms in Phoenix, Arizona. He began working with entrepreneurs and business people on how to expand their organizations through “celebrity positioning.” Jim Toner (@thejimtoner) also composed a book entitled “Send in the Wolves,” which is selling on Amazon.

One of Jim Toner’s friends, a world-class marketer, came to him and talked Jim Toner into getting back into real estate. After remembering his growth in marketing and appearance on national television, Jim Toner decided to get back into real estate. He partnered up with his friend and chose the market to operate. Jim Toner also recruited a local investor for his program. He decided the key to helping individuals profit with real estate is to help build them from the ground up. His group settled on five markets and chose to begin in Akron, Ohio.

According to, he understood that their group would not be the best real estate investment training company in the world. The group decided that building a portfolio in each city was the best way to start. Jim Toner’s team made purchases within their market to show their customers that they are legit. The idea was for the customers to see that Jim Toner’s team would not recommend any deals that they have not purchases themselves. Customers would see the team as the “guru” of the market.

Currently, one of the focuses of Jim Toner’s team is the Ohio market. The goal is for 500 homes in the next five years. In every city, they need the general population to realize that anybody intrigued by working with them should qualify, and they take care of those we get. One of the values of Jim Toner’s team is the strength in numbers. It helps the team to be able to stand out within the market.

Jim Toner and his team will launch a podcast called “The Band of Rebels.” It will explain who the team is and their purpose. Jim Toner describes his team as non-conformist, hardcore entrepreneurs who have the experience to back up their knowledge. Get more facts about financial independence here.

For the team, making money the correct way within the market is a joyful experience. The team thrives on helping hard-working people to make extra money. See Toner’s resume on LinkedIn.

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